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Neurologic Music Therapy

Music therapy and Neuro-rehabilitation


Music is processed in various areas of the brain, therefore is an excellent tool for people living with an acquired brain injury or near-degenerative condition. There are three areas in which music therapy can be used in neuro-rehabilitation: 

  1. Restorative: the use of music to work to regain skills and functions
  2. Compensatory: the use of music in conjunction with tools such as memory aids
  3. Psycho-socio-emotional: the use of music as a means to engage in social interaction

(BAMT, 2012)

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)

Neurologic music therapy is a medical model of music therapy that uses 20 standardized evidence based techniques to work on specific functional goals within three areas of neuro-rehabilitation:

  1. Sensorimotor Training
  2. Speech and Language Training
  3. Cognitive Training

Useful Publications on NMT

Thaut, M. and Homeberg, V. ed, 2014. Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Thaut, M. 2005. Rhythm, Music, and the Brain: Scientific Foundations and Clinical Applications. New York: Routledge.